Here’s an option for the loved ones of those who struggle with addiction


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Nar-Anon is a free, member-driven organization. The only requirement for membership is to be affected by the substance use disorder of someone close.

There is a very caring group that meets here in Bangor on the St. Joe’s campus every Thursday at 6 p.m. in the St. Francis Center, 294 Center Street in Bangor. The St. Francis Center is the old firehouse across the street from the emergency entrance of the hospital.

In these group meetings, those in attendance share experiences, gain strength, and hope to help each other and themselves. They learn to avoid standing in the way of their loved ones’ recovery; they work to let loved ones face their own consequences as a result of their substance use disorder; and they work to live productive lives whether their loved ones are using or not.

This group has anywhere from five to 20 people attend the meetings. Nar-Anon wants to help others who feel there is nowhere to turn. It sometimes has speakers from the community come in and talk with members.

The meetings last an hour or so, and no one has to stay for the full time. Drop in, and chat or listen — whatever is needed at that moment for you.

You can call Janice at 299-8802 if you have questions.

You are welcome. You will be heard. You will have caring people around you, dealing with the same thoughts and struggles.

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