You can make a difference today in the lives of those who need addiction treatment

Facing Addiction

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A national nonprofit is gathering signatures to help raise $1.1 billion for support of addiction treatment in America. We can sign this letter and help this very important goal become reality.

You have until Friday of this week — only three days.

Facing Addiction has gathered more than 5,000 signatures so far on a letter showing support for President Barack Obama’s treatment funding proposal. Are you one of them?

Here’s part of the letter:

The $1.1 billion increase in the 2017 budget request represents a tremendous step forward in growing public, health-centered solutions to the addiction crisis.

Addiction directly impacts over 45 million families in America, and drug overdoses have now surpassed car accidents as our nation’s leading cause of accidental death. An astonishing 90% of those in need of treatment do not receive it. Yet for all of the challenges we face regarding proper access to prevention and treatment of addiction – largely without the health system’s support – we know recovery is a reality for more than 23 million Americans. The time has come for the health care system in our country to support prevention and recovery and this life-saving proposal will bring us closer toward that ideal.