Listen to a mother explain what it’s like to have a son addicted to heroin


Dylan Libby’s mug shot. (Photo courtesy of Sharon Gotlieb)

Recently we shared a news story about Sharon Gotlieb and her son, Dylan Libby, who is serving time on charges stemming from his drug use. Please CLICK HERE to read that post.

Now, we had the privilege of sitting down with Sharon to ask her a few questions about her son and their lives as they struggle with Dylan’s heroin use disorder.

Sharon wants to help. If she can get through to one person, if she can help one person who is struggling with a substance use disorder or give one parent some comfort, it will be a good thing in her mind.

She tells her story with no filters or hesitation. She shows us that this could happen to anyone, and we need to band together to help those around us and work to show the world this is a disease that no one asks for.

Sharon said, “What do I miss the most? I miss Dylan’s eyes. He has the most loving and most happy eyes. I miss seeing those everyday. I miss him.”

I asked Sharon what her fears are: “My top three fears for Dylan: Will he use again? Will he use again? Will he use again? I’ll never stop; I will always wonder. He’ll always wonder. It will always be in the back of his mind.”

She wants to talk to the parents out there. “From a parent to a parent, if you have a feeling that something is not quite right with your son or daughter — listen to it. There are some red flags that I saw. … I knew they were red flags but you tell yourself they are not because this is your worst fear.”

Sharon, we thank you with all our hearts for your bravery and kindness in telling this story.

A huge thanks to my teammate Mike McCarty, St. Joe’s Communications Associate, for building and editing this video. We hope it will help at least one person.