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The Conversation You Do Not Want to Miss

panel discussion about the ethical issues related to the management of the opioid epidemic

Our current community health epidemic involving opiates is complex. From a medical perspective, doctors must find ways to help patients manage severe pain. This requires balancing all the available options with the risks of each treatment. For those who suffer from substance use disorder, the process of overcoming the powerful effects of opioids is long […]

This is What Addiction Looks Like

Nuggets - 2014 animation short

A 2014 short animation by Andreas Hykade illustrates an excellent metaphor for addiction that can help bridge better understanding of what addiction looks like for a non-user. Maine is experiencing a community health epidemic of opioid substance use, abuse, and addiction. Perhaps a better understanding of what addiction looks like can help promote awareness among […]

Award Winning Recognition

MPHA 2016 Award to the CHLB

The Community Health Leadership Board (CHLB) is gaining award-winning recognition for our efforts to promote awareness and action to help decrease the epidemic of opiate substance abuse in the Bangor region of Maine. Earlier this quarter the CHLB earned two awards. In October, the Maine Public Health Association (MPHA) held its annual meeting and awarded […]