Listen to local people bravely share their stories of addiction

Project Voice is a project of Families And Children Together (F.A.C.T.) and is made possible by a grant from Maine Community Foundation. Its mission is to help reduce stigma in our community by providing a safe, public forum for people affected by substance use to share their stories.

Stigma hasĀ a way of silencing us. As a result, we often only hear one side of the story. Hearing people share their own perspective can empower others to make change in their lives, promote empathy in the community, and help shift public perception.

Project Voice aims to affect change in community perception of addiction and recovery by giving people affected by substance use disorder the opportunity to use their voice to tell their story.

F.A.C.T. is a family-focused, not for profit agency in Bangor, Maine that provides services and programs to strengthen Maine families as they manage trauma, challenge, and change.

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