See the rate of drug overdoses where you live

MaineToday Media recently put together a map of the rate of overdose deaths in each county. The main takeaway is that Washington County is still experiencing a staggering rate of death.

The data come from Dr. Marcella Sorg at the University of Maine Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center, and they show the following overdose deaths per 100,000 residents in 2016. (No rate was calculated for counties with fewer than 10 overdose deaths.)

  1. Washington County: 63.6 deaths per 100,000 residents
  2. Penobscot County: 37.5
  3. Androscoggin County: 34.5
  4. Hancock County: 31.2
  5. Aroostook County: 29.7
  6. York County: 29.7
  7. Cumberland County: 26.7
  8. Kennebec County: 24.9
  9. Somerset County: 19.6
  10. Oxford County: 17.5

Visit the story to see more detail about overdose deaths in each county.