A new app could help people with addiction identify their triggers — and intervene

What an interesting video I just watched. It’s only three minutes, and it’s about an app that can help those with a substance use disorder: Addicaid. We are all about our phones these days. Somethings trends, and we are all over it — from a unicorn drink to a celebrity mishap.

Well, finally there’s a potentially live-saving app. To check it out, click here.

Sam Frons, founder of Addicaid says:
“Helping people realize that this is a spectrum disorder and not black and white is a really powerful tactic to combat the general stigma.”

About 22.7 million Americans need treatment for drug and alcohol related issues right now, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Addicaid promotes relapse management: If someone is at a trigger location, the app can intervene.

As CNN Tech described:

Users can report information about their personality and situations that make them more likely to use drugs, like hanging out with certain friends or being alone.

Through a combination of machine learning, adaptive artificial intelligence and clinical research, Addicaid personalizes programs for users. Based on what users are logging and the words they’re using, it can predict when people might be at risk of falling into addictive behaviors and intervene. …

Frons, who is currently fundraising for Addicaid, plans to roll out a premium paid version of the app later this year. It will put individuals into support groups based on shared tendencies, as opposed to just the substances they’re addicted to. These tendencies — like “hypercritical” or “entitled” — are drawn from research into the beliefs that fuel certain behaviors. The idea is that in order to address addiction, you also have to acknowledge the underlying factors.

It may not be a replacement to treatment, but it has the potential to be a strong enhancement.

I hope you take a few minutes and watch this short video.