Duck of Justice joins call to end the opiate epidemic — with his usual flair

The Bangor Police Department’s Duck of Justice was the latest high-profile member of the community to join the #CaringCircle social media campaign to show unity behind ending the opiate epidemic.

The stuffed duck did it with his usual flair — surrounded by doughnuts.

The Bangor Police Department's Duck of Justice forms his own #Circle of Caring. (Photo from the Bangor Police Department's Facebook page)

The Bangor Police Department’s Duck of Justice forms his own #CaringCircle. (Photo from the Bangor Police Department’s Facebook page)

The Bangor police described how they settled on this particular pose:

Each entity and agency was tasked with coming up with their own representation of the Circle of Caring. We decided the Duck of Justice should take it one step further to made an admission about his disdain for what opioids are doing to members or our community while at the same time indicating he might have a problem abstaining from High Density Energy Cakes. Mainly, those of the frosted variety.

The Circle of Caring was launched by the Community Health Leadership Board of Bangor, a collaborative of health care and human service leaders.

Here’s how you can participate in the campaign to end prejudice against people with substance use disorders and contribute to local solutions:

1. Donate $10 (or any amount) at
2. Make your circle.
2. Take a photo. Share online and with #caringcircle.
4. Challenge others to join.

You can see many, many other circles of caring on this Facebook page: