This local family knows too well the struggle of drug use


Dylan Libby at 3 years old. (Photo by Sharon Gotlieb)

I know a wonderful woman. Her name is Sharon Gotlieb. She works hard, loves life, and everyone who knows her is absolutely moved by her gregarious, uplifting personality. She’s the person you want to know at the social gathering. She loves her family to a fault. When darkness fell over her son, Dylan Libby, she did what most people are unable to do.

After several relapses, she told her son to not contact her until he was clean.

Her son is currently in jail, but he is alive.

He shared his story to help others. He was the boy next door, wrestled all through school in Hermon, did well and contributed to his community. He could be anyone’s son, brother or friend.

Thank you, Dylan, for telling your story.

Our friends at WCSH 6 Portland did a great job with Dylan and Sharon.

WCSH 6 writes:

Dylan grabbed a napkin from his glove compartment and went inside, demanding pills from the pharmacist. When he left the store 10 minutes later, a police officer was pulling in. The officer pulled his gun on Dylan and told him to freeze.

“That’s kind of when I gave up. I just looked at him and I said,’no.’ You know what I mean? I kept my hands in my pockets and I walked straight at him. I’m thinking, okay, he is just going to shoot me,” explained Libby.

The shot never came. Libby took police on a high-speed chase before rolling the car seven times.

“I think that’s when I thought, ‘Oh boy. This is not going to be a good experience.’ I knew it was turning into something I can’t handle,” said Libby.

His mother was called and immediately came to his side. “I will never forget walking into that hospital and to the floor of his room. It was lined with police officers.”

Dylan was sentenced to seven years in prison; he has already served two.

Sharon found some relief in the sentence, “I can sleep now, at night, which is hard to say. But I would much rather visit him there than at his grave.”

Sharon started a Facebook page to connect other parents experiencing similar challenges. People can click here to join.

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