Here are a variety of ways to manage your pain


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You may recall our blog post from a few weeks back where Eva Quirion, a nurse practitioner at St. Joseph Internal Medicine, shared some alternatives to painkillers. Click here to check out that article.

We met up with Eva for a quick video to learn a bit more about how people can manage their pain. The video is below.

Eva mentions osteopathic manipulative. This medicine is a type of “hands-on” medical treatment based on an understanding of the musculoskeletal, circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems of the body used by doctors of osteopathic medicine. Doctors of osteopathic medicine are medical doctors who complete premedical undergraduate courses, four years of medical school and three years or more of residency training in their chosen specialties after medical school. They must be fully licensed in their respective states before they can practice medicine.

You may wonder if chiropractic methods would also be an alternative to painkillers. I asked Eva, and she said:

Like anything, chiropractic care varies by provider. There are some providers who help patients and then other times, it seems that it doesn’t help. It’s really like any other treatment. When patients ask me about chiropractic, I recommend that they approach the chiropractic provider and see if they will work as a team member. Also, I recommend that they find someone who is gentle. If they want to try it, that’s fine, however only continue if it is helping them.

Thank you, Eva!